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Dental bridges replace missing teeth, which makes you happier with your smile while also protecting your dental health. The team at DentalHome offer traditional bridges, as well as implant-supported bridges, at their offices in Duluth and Commerce, Georgia, recommending the type that works best for your dental health. Both types of bridges look just like your natural teeth, so you’ll love the results. Schedule an appointment online or by phone today to learn more.

Dental Bridge Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic structure that replaces one or two missing teeth. If more than one tooth is missing, however, it must be adjacent to the other missing tooth for the bridge to cover both spaces.

A traditional bridge is made from two crowns with a fake tooth in the middle. The crowns are placed over existing teeth on either side of the gap, where they hold the bridge in place. However, you can also anchor your bridge using implants.

How does a bridge improve my dental health?

Most patients focus on how a bridge will improve their appearance — and it’s important to have confidence in your smile — but replacing missing teeth also improves your dental health.

When you have missing teeth, the neighboring teeth and the teeth on the opposite jaw start to move toward the opening. As teeth change their position, they no longer match the way they should when you bite down.

As a result, some teeth bear more pressure than they can tolerate, which makes them susceptible to damage and decay. A bridge restores and maintains your normal bite.

What is the process for getting a bridge?

The process for getting a bridge begins with a thorough exam and X-rays so your dentist at DentalHome can precisely plan your treatment. The next step depends on the type of bridge being used.

If you’re getting an implant-supported bridge, your dentist first makes sure your jaw is strong enough to hold the implants. For the next step, the implants, which are titanium rods, are surgically inserted into your jawbone. Over the next two to six months the implants and bone bond together so they’re firmly anchored.

For a traditional fixed bridge, your dentist examines the anchor teeth to verify they’re healthy enough to support a bridge. If they are, they’re reshaped so the bridge can comfortably fit over your teeth.

Your bridge is custom-made in the dental lab using an impression of your mouth. When it’s ready, you come back into the office and it’s permanently attached.

If you’re ready to improve your smile and replace missing teeth with a bridge, call schedule an appointment at DentalHome online or by phone today.