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If you’re putting off getting dentures because you’re worried about how they’ll fit, or you’ve heard friends talk about denture difficulties, it’s time for a consultation with the team at DentalHome. At their offices in Duluth and Commerce, Georgia, they offer a variety of dentures, including dentures that are secure and comfortable because they’re anchored with dental implants. To learn more about your denture options, schedule an appointment online or by phone today.

Dentures Q & A

What are the different types of dentures?

Dentures are made from an acrylic or plastic base that holds prosthetic teeth made from composite resin or porcelain. Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth when the teeth are next to one another. Full dentures replace all your upper teeth, lower teeth, or both.

Beyond those basics, you have choices such as:

Traditional dentures

Traditional dentures are designed to fit over your gums, where they’re held in place using saliva to form a seal or an over-the-counter adhesive. These dentures are removed and cleaned daily.


These dentures are more secure than traditional dentures because they snap over dental implants that are surgically inserted into your jawbone. Like traditional dentures, overdentures are removed and cleaned every day.

Fixed dentures

Fixed dentures are similar to overdentures because they’re held in place using dental implants. However, they’re designed to stay in place permanently, just like a crown or bridge. Fixed dentures need more dental implants than overdentures to ensure they’re securely anchored.

The teeth in a fixed denture are usually made of high-quality porcelain because it’s more durable, stain resistant, and looks just like your natural teeth.

What is the process for getting dentures?

Although the team at DentalHome makes the process go as quickly as possible, getting dentures may require several trips to the office and possibly several months, depending on the type of denture you’re getting and the amount of dental work you need.

For example, if you need to have teeth extracted, you’ll wait for your gums to heal before getting fitted for permanent dentures. The shape of your gum changes during the healing process, so the dentures that fit right after a tooth extraction won’t fit properly down the road.

Once your extraction heals, or at your first visit if you don’t need an extraction, your dentist makes an impression of your mouth. The impression is then sent to the lab making your dentures, so you’ll need to wait a short time until they’re finished.

After you receive your permanent dentures, the team at DentalHome asks you to come back in a few weeks to be sure the dentures fit properly and you don’t have any problems adjusting to your new teeth.

You’ll get exceptional care and great-fitting dentures from the team at DentalHome. Schedule an appointment online or by phone today for a checkup and denture evaluation.