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Whether you develop dental pain for unknown reasons, or you suffer an injury that damages or knocks out a tooth, you should never have to wait to receive the dental care you need. The team at DentalHome offer emergency dentistry at their offices in Duluth and Commerce, Georgia, and can help you find relief from pain, bleeding, or dental damage to preserve the health of your teeth. Even a knocked out tooth can be saved if you protect the tooth and quickly get help. To receive emergency dentistry, call DentalHome or use online booking to check for openings.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

When do I need emergency dental care?

You’ll be able to identify the need for emergency dental care by key symptoms like pain and bleeding. Here are a few problems that often require emergency attention:

  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Loosened permanent tooth
  • Broken tooth
  • Objects stuck in your gums or soft tissues
  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • Signs of an infection or abscess, such as a fever, swelling, and severe pain

If you have any doubt about whether you should get emergency care, call DentalHome. A member of their team can ask you a few questions and quickly determine whether you need a same-day appointment or you can wait until the next day.

How can I protect my teeth during a dental emergency?

You can help save a damaged tooth by taking action such as:

Knocked-out tooth

In dental terms, this is called an avulsed tooth. The team at DentalHome has a better chance of saving the tooth if you follow these guidelines:

  • Don’t touch the tooth root
  • Keep the tooth moist
  • Immediately call the office and see the dentist in 30-60 minutes

You can keep the tooth moist by putting it in a cup of milk, holding it between your gums and cheeks, or rinsing it under cool water and gently placing it back into the socket.

Cracked or chipped tooth

This type of injury may need emergency attention when the crack is severe, a large piece of the tooth breaks off, or the inner pulp is exposed. To prevent pain or further damage, don’t chew food using the affected tooth, avoid foods and beverages that are too hot or cold, and don’t eat hard or crunchy foods.

Object stuck in your tongue, gum, or cheek

Don’t try to remove anything that’s stuck in the soft tissues because it may cause more damage. Instead, call DentalHome immediately and follow their instructions.

How are dental emergencies treated?

Your treatment depends on the type of injury, but the primary goal of the team at DentalHome is to relieve your pain and preserve your tooth. A knocked-out tooth is immediately reimplanted. In many cases, you may receive a quick but temporary restoration, like a temporary dental crown to protect a damaged tooth until you can schedule an appointment to get a permanent crown.

If you have pain, bleeding, or an injured tooth, call DentalHome or use online booking to check for the next available opening.