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It’s estimated that 42% of children develop cavities in their baby teeth. That’s why their first visit to the dentist should be around the age of 1. The team at DentalHome, with offices in Duluth and Commerce, Georgia, have a natural ability to connect with children, making them feel comfortable and finding ways to provide comprehensive care to even the most anxious child. To schedule an appointment for your child’s dental care, call DentalHome today or use the online booking feature.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

How should I care for my infant’s teeth?

Baby teeth are temporary, but they’re still important. In addition to chewing food, healthy baby teeth are essential for speech development and to hold a space for permanent teeth.

Before teeth erupt, clean your baby’s mouth with water and a soft cloth at least once a day. When teeth come in, use a small, soft brush and a very tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste.

When should children have their first checkup?

Your infant should have their first dental visit about six months after their first tooth comes in or no later than the age of 1. This first visit is designed to introduce them to the team and let them get familiar with the office environment.

If your child is comfortable at their first visit, your dentist at DentalHome does a quick visual exam of their teeth and mouth. They can have their first full exam when they get a little older.

Children usually have all their baby teeth by the time they’re 3 years old. At this stage, they should have a full dental checkup if they haven’t already had one.

Does my child need fluoride treatments?

If your child doesn’t consume fluoridated water, they may need fluoride treatments. Fluoride is essential for strong enamel, even in developing teeth. Fluoride treatment may even reverse cavities that have started to develop.

Does my child need an orthodontics evaluation?

The team at DentalHome recommend an orthodontics evaluation around the ages of 6 or 7 when permanent teeth start to come in. At this stage, they can determine whether your child has a problem with jaw growth or they’re at risk for misaligned teeth. Early treatment often prevents the need for braces down the road.

What are dental sealants?

A dental sealant is a thin, protective coating that prevents cavities by keeping bacteria away from the tooth enamel. Your child’s dentist at DentalHome applies a liquid sealant that spreads into the deep grooves in their molars, with the liquid quickly hardening to form a barrier. Sealants are most effective when they’re applied as soon as the molar grows in.

If you have any questions about your child’s dental care or want to schedule an appointment, call DentalHome today or use the online booking feature.